Episode 14: Breaking Bad Meets The NBA

In this episode, Royce Young joins the guys! Royce is the wizard behind the Daily Thunder empire, and much like us Medicaters (the name ‘Heisenberg’ is on our logo, for pete’s sake), he’s a huge fan of Breaking Bad. So… In the same way we waste the intellect of a neurosurgeon with Yahoo! Answers, we decided to ask an NBA expert nothing but Breaking Bad related questions. We discuss our favorite characters, show moments, and compare Breaking Bad characters to Thunder players. We do end up discussing the Thunder, and we also talk about Clint Dempsey, the MLS and A-Rod. Enjoy!

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Check out the ‘Best of Brian Davis’ video Royce put together here.

Big thanks again to Royce for coming on our show. It truly was a pleasure, and we can’t wait to do it again!


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