NBA Superfan Jimmy Goldstein Proposes Way To Curb Flopping

If he’s pissed about the NBA, wait until he starts watching soccer. Below is his proposal.

“Last season, the NBA tried to discourage flopping by fining players. As Commissioner David Stern acknowledged, it didn’t work. Therefore, I would propose another approach to stop the flop.


Big Jimbo and his current Danish model girlfriend Amalie Wichmann

The rule should be changed so any time that a defensive player falls flat on his back immediately upon contact from an offensive player, the officials will not call any foul.

This rule will eliminate any motivation for the defensive player to deliberately fall down when contact is made. Those opposed to my proposal will suggest that this is not fair to the defensive player who can’t stop himself from falling on his back after being run over by (say) LeBron James.

My answer is that the defensive player will make every effort to keep his balance so that a foul will be called. And if he staggers before falling, the official will be allowed to call the foul. The offensive player will be afraid to run over the defensive player because the offensive player will be called for a foul so long as the defensive player holds his balance for a split second before falling (or doesn’t fall flat on his back).”

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